Water Project Katsina

In some areas of Katsina state, having access to clean drinking water is a daily struggle which results from the distant source of clean water. Women and children were the major targets of this project because of the statistical report from the community hospital and health center which shows a very high rate of ailments such as gastroenteritis, cholera caused by poor hygiene practices. In most cases, the women had to fetch water across great distances. We have been able to improve access to clean water by sinking Hand pumps close to their homes. And with the source of water now closer to their homes, such burdens will reduce. We taught the women about water management, hygiene practices, and sanitation in order to reduce the possibility of re-infection.


The activities implemented during the project are as follows;

1. Entry Visit to District Head/Mai Unguwa/Chief Imam
2. Construction of Hand pumps
3. Training of identified youths on maintenance and repairs of hand pumps
4. Commissioning of the project by community leaders
5. Monitoring and Evaluation
6. Project Closure/ Handover to Community


We have two volunteer members in every community where the new hand pumps are sited. This includes a community head and one handy man (local bicycle repair or mechanic) that monitored the construction of hand pumps. We trained the volunteer members in each community on the maintenance process of the hand pumps. We have also set-up a committee on the water among the community members. In addition, we trained some youths that partook in the construction of the hand pumps on maintenance and repair to safeguard the hand pumps from vandals.


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